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Driver Ed course discount for eligible students

By investing in young drivers, Oregon invests in the future of traffic safety.

In Oregon, a driver ed course costs an average of $330*. This amount covers the curriculum materials, instructor time, vehicle usage, insurance, gasoline and all related expenses.

Even though driver ed pays for itself in the long run, many families are deterred by this initial cost. To encourage these parents sign up their teens for driver ed, ODOT offers a $75 subsidy to approved providers, who are then able to pass it on as a discount to eligible families. To be eligible, a family must meet the “free and reduced” qualifications set through their school district. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can choose an ODOT-approved provider in your area and request an estimate.

And the best part is, young drivers who take ODOT-approved driver ed courses are WAY less likely to be involved in a serious crash. Why Drive with Ed???   That's Why!

  • DMV waives drive test for teens who... Learn More »

Course cost** $330
Less Subsidy $75
Final cost to student $255

*Average price if the teen is between 15-17 years old and is expected to complete the course before turning 18. 

**Sample estimate. Course costs vary between providers.