Oregon’s Driver Ed is looking for adults who have a passion for helping their communities to become safer. Become an ODOT-approved Driver Ed instructor!

Why Teach with Ed?

Every year, thousands of Oregon’s teens become new drivers. And every year, motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of death for teens aged 15-20. That’s tragic. But it’s also preventable. Studies show teens who successfully complete a driver education course in Oregon greatly reduce their chance of being in a fatal crash, and have fewer traffic convictions and suspensions.

Here’s the challenge:

Oregon is facing a statewide shortage of ODOT-approved driving instructors. Fewer instructors mean more teens on the road without access to proper training, skills development and practice. And that affects everyone. After all, safer drivers lead to safer roads.

It's time for action!

Become an ODOT-approved Driver Ed instructor! Here are some great reasons to teach with Ed.

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