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How do I find an open ODOT Approved Driver Education Course?

All open ODOT Approved Driver Education courses are listed geographically, on our Find a Provider page (*additional courses will be added as they open)


My student is registered for an ODOT-Approved Driver Education course, but their permit is going to expire before the course ends. What do we do?

Most DMV field offices are open for appointments. Students whose permits will expire prior to course completion can apply to extend or renew their permits online. The new permit is valid for 24 months from the date it is issued. It’s important to be proactive and renew before expiration. A valid permit is required throughout the course and it’s illegal to drive without a permit or license.

To apply for or renew an instruction permit, visit DMV2U.com and follow instructions under the “Renew Card” link. You are not required to retake the knowledge or vision test unless your permit has been expired for 1 year or more

Completion Certificate

Does receiving the ODOT-Approved driver education course completion certificate remove the need for a student to make a personal visit to a DMV field office?

No. A student who has passed an ODOT-Approved Driver Education course will need to take their completion certificate to a DMV field office,  take the vision test and submit an application for licensure. While many DMV field offices accept walk-ins, it’s still recommended to make an appointment.

How can my teen get a completion card that waives the drive test at DMV field offices?

A completion certificate that waives the drive test at DMV field offices is one of the benefits of successfully completing an ODOT-Approved Driver Education course.

My student has completed an ODOT-Approved Driver Education course. What are the next steps?

A student who has successfully completed an ODOT-Approved Driver Education course will receive a completion certificate that allows them to waive the drive test at the DMV field office. The teen will be required to take the vision exam prior to applying for issuance of a driver license. An appointment for both the exam and DL issuance can be scheduled together. Take your completion card along to the appointment – the field office will need to see it to waive the drive test

Drive Test

DMV is not currently offering drive tests. How or where can my teen take a drive test for their license?

If a teen has successfully completed an ODOT-Approved Driver Education course, the teen will receive a completion certificate allowing them to waive the drive test at a DMV field office. If a teen has not completed an ODOT-Approved Driver Education course and needs to take a drive test, DMV has contracted with Class C Testing Businesses for that service. A teen can contact one of these businesses to schedule a drive test. Upon passage, a teen will need to make an appointment at a DMV field office to take the Safe Driving Practices knowledge test and apply for issuance of the license.

When will DMV begin scheduling drive tests again?

The DMV is now scheduling drive tests.  Please go to DMV2U.com to schedule an appointment.

Reduced Fee Eligibility

What subsidies does ODOT provide for lower income/no income families and teens?

Even though driver ed pays for itself in the long run, many families are deterred by this initial cost. In Oregon, a driver ed course costs an average of $330*.

To encourage families to sign up their teens for driver ed, ODOT offers up to a $75 subsidy to approved providers, who are then able to pass it on as a discount to eligible families. To be eligible, a family must meet the “free or reduced” qualifications set through their school district. If you meet and can provide proof of the eligibility requirements, you can choose an ODOT-approved provider in your area and request an estimate.

This amount covers the curriculum materials, instructor’s time/vehicle usage/insurance cost, gasoline and standard course related expenses.

Average course cost ** – $330
Less Subsidy – $75
Final cost to student – $255

*Average price if the teen is between 15-17 years old and is expected to complete the course before turning 18. 

**Sample estimate. Course costs vary between providers.

COVID Safety Measures

What options are available for students who don’t want to be exposed to other kids in an ODOT-Approved Driver Education classroom or car?

Each provider is making decisions about sanitation and social distancing that best support their business, their employees and their clients. Some measures include online classroom sessions, increased sanitation and social distancing. Some providers are limiting the number of students allowed in vehicles at one time. Contact your provider to find out what they’re doing to protect students and instructors.

What is ODOT doing to assure ODOT-Approved Driver Education instructors are following safety protocols and getting tested for COVID-19?

ODOT does not direct the individual business practices of ODOT-Approved Driver Education Providers. We have requested that all providers follow directives from the Governor’s office and their local officials.


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